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Defiant Child Behavior problems

Welcome to Free Behavior Contracts!

Your source for free behavior contracts, behavior charts, and much more!

Thanks for visiting us here at! Feel free to print off one of our free behavior contracts and/or one of our free behavior charts. You can also click here to visit the "Free Parenting Tools" page on our sister site for more free printable parenting tools.

Below our free contracts and charts are links to sites that offer additional behavior contract packages which are available for purchase. The contracts that are available for purchase are much more detailed and each package comes with additional downloads. Enjoy!

Click on a thumbnail below to access your free behavior contract or chart (See Free Worksheets Offer):

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Try our downloadable behavior contracts specifically designed to address teen issues!
Download includes a free behavior program and teen-related parenting tools!

Along with the free behavior contracts and other parenting tools offered above, we also offer (through our affiliates) a number of other options for acquiring downloadable behavior contracts. The links below will direct you to additional sets of behavior contracts which are of higher quality and which are available at highly affordable prices. All of the following contracts can be downloaded from the respective sites immediately and can quite literally be implemented within minutes of purchase! They are effective and easy to use!

The Behavior Management Package
Child Contract for Responsibility Child Contract for School Child Contract for Character Child Contract for Respect
Teen Behavior Contracts
Teen Driving Contract Family & Household Expectations Teen Contract for Character Attitude Contract
Teen Driving Contract Family & Household Expectations Teen Contract for Character Attitude Contract

What Are Behavior Contracts?

Behavior contracts are written agreements that describe in detail what a child's behavioral expectations are. Most behavior contracts also list the privileges and consequences that go along with meeting (or failing to meet) the terms of the contract. Even though behavior contracts are most commonly used between a child and his or her parents, they are also effective in a classroom setting with regards to teachers and students.

Why Use Behavior Contracts?

Behavior contracts can be highly effective as a behavior management tool. They help parents and teachers provide structure and consistency at home or in the classroom. They also help children understand what is expected of them by clearly stating the behavioral expectations. Behavior contracts are easy to use and they give children an opportunity to learn responsibility and accountability.

Tips for Using Behavior Contracts:

*Allow your child to be a part of the decision-making process while creating the contract.
*Be sure to use privileges and consequences that will be effective with your child.
*Be sure to keep a back-up copy of the contract in case one is needed.
*Be precise when describing the behavioral expectations, use language that your child will understand.
*Avoid being too rigid or strict with regards to enforcing the contract, allow for success.
*Follow through with the privileges and consequences! If you don't enforce it, it won't work.
* Consider purchasing pre-written contracts if needed (see above).


Defiant Child Behavior problems
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